Varatraza Wind Riders

Kitesurf & windsurf



The Varatraza is a trade wind from the Indian Ocean which blows on the northeast coast of Madagascar with exceptional regularity from April to the end of November. Regular and oriented towards the bay, it is established every day between 20 and 35 knots. Ideal for sliding!


Our lodge is located a few meters from the lagoon. Just inflate your sail and put your foot in the water to start instantly. A midday break? You leave your equipment on the dunes, in front of the lodge, for meal time, before a new session.


The shallow lagoon offers ideal conditions for beginners or for advanced kitesurfers. The wind is oriented towards the bay, in case of problems, you are automatically brought back to the beach, in complete safety.


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The lagoon

Shallow and exposed to the Varatraza, the lagoon is accessible directly from the lodge. It is a perfect area to learn or make progess in windsurfing and kitesurfing in complete safety.


At the edge of the lagoon, at the barrier reef, a regular swell provides an ideal playground to make progress in the waves, to slide, surf and fly. Freestyle and jump on the program

Emerald Sea

By day, cross the cape of Andranomody and Tanifotsy to join the incredible Emerald Sea to sail as far as the eye can see in the company of turtles or look for exceptional waves.

Our school


The lagoon offers the ideal conditions for beginners or advanced kitesurfers in complete safety : warm water, shallow depth, constant and well oriented wind, regular waves.

Are you a beginner? Let yourself be guided and accompanied by an experienced coaching staff. Live progressive learning sessions adapted to your needs. Build or find solid basis for a practice that can evolve later.

Do you already have autonomy? Let yourself be accompanied to discover the glide or start in the waves of the coral reef.

cours de kitesurf

Our school

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1st sensations

This formula is for beginners.

The goal is to give you the basics of kitesurfing safely.

At the end of these learning sessions, you will be able to start tacking in the lagoon. You will have acquired beginnings of autonomy to navigate and continue to make progress.


  • 1 hour lesson 40€
  • 10 hour course 350€

Pass Gliss

You are independent . You know how to tack and come back to the beach safely.

But you want to step up a gear and play in the waves learn how to handle jumps, then tricks.

We are here to support you and start your development with you. The coral reef, closing the lagoon, where a regular swell takes place will become your space to play and to train.


  • 1 hour lesson 40€
  • 10 hour course 350€
Voile de kitesurf

Family Pass

Family Pass is the possibility for you parents to get started or to sail together, by entrusting your children to the Kids club. You can then share your passion with the family and navigate with peace of mind.

We offer introductory water sports workshops for the youngest: kite, windsurf, paddle board, coastal rescue.

Trained in first aid, we accompany your children safely and offer them activities adapted to the discovery of the pleasure of sensations in contact with water in the lagoon.


  • Half day 50€
  • Day 70€
  • 2d child 50%
  • 3d child free