Varatraza Wind Riders



The northern region of Madagascar where we find ourselves is part of an extraordinary diversity of landscape and atmosphere: sea, lagoon, mangrove, mountain, valley, tsingy, forest, bush, savannah.

The fauna and flora, often endemic to Madagascar, offer us a festival of shapes and colors: baobabs, kapok trees, pachypodiums, banyan trees, lemurs, turtles, whales, geckos, zebus and many others!

The Sakalavas live there, in harmony with this environment: bush or fishing villages, traditional habitats, ancestral culture, rice fields, not to mention Diego-Suarez, its history, its markets and its tuk-tuks.

Our proposal: discover, explore this exceptional environment thanks to original itineraries and off the beaten track.

Whether on foot, by mountain bike, kayak or paddle, you can take advantage of our experience to go on an adventure on itineraries that we have prepared for you.

Depending on your desires, you will find half-day or full-day routes, easy, medium or difficult itineraries. Depending on your needs, we can help you to organize your trip or accompany you.

You wish to explore for several days, contact us and we will make you a proposal.


With the help of a topo sheet at your disposal at the lodge, you organize yourself to get to the starting point.

You move independently using the GPS track that we offer, you come back at the end of your route on your own.


You are autonomous on the course but need to be helped either for the logistics of access and / or return of the excursion site, or for the midday meal. We organize for you transfers by 4x4 or local taxis or prepare a picnic to take with you in the morning.


You want us to take care of the entire excursion: travel, meals and the presence of a guide to accompany you on the route. You can register for the weekly scheduled outings from the lodge. You will find timetables and prices per person.

Excursion sheets

Consult our detailed sheets available at the reception of the lodge and leave with a plastic copy for the outing.

GPS tracks

Retrieve the GPS track to GPX or KML file to guide you on the course with your smartphone or GPS watch.

Paddle & Kayak

To move on the lagoon or in the mangrove, we can provide 2 sea kayaks and paddles. Ask the reception


We have a service provider in Diego-Suarez to rent a mountain bike for half a day or for the day for your outings.


We have equipment for rent : harness, ropes, helmets, slings, lanyards and descenders.


For your outings in caves, tunnels or underground corridors, we have helmets and frontal for rent.

Our sheets

dans le boyau sous les tsingys


Under Cape Miné, facing the great pass of Diego Bay, enter an underground gut and discover a spectacular setting of stalactites with sculpted and pearly forms. 45 'at night to go out on the cliff, facing the Emerald Sea.

Baie des dunes Sakalava

In the footsteps of Robinson

From Sakalava Bay, go north due along superb wild bays open onto the Indian Ocean. At the end of the route, you will follow the Tsingys cliff to see the incredible illuminated Emerald Sea.

Excursion pointe des Mapous

Mapous 's track

From the harbour of Diego, cross the bay and explore the southeast shore of Cape Diego to admire splendid baobabs including a giant Adansonia Suarezensis called Bozy Be. Return through savannah and the bush villages

excursion mangrove en kayak

In the heart
of the mangrove

Take a kayak, a paddle and sink into the maze of the mangrove in the South of the bay of Sakalava. Discover the extraordinary world of mangroves. A stop on a small deserted beach.

Excursion Antongombato


Make a breakthrough to enter the Amber mountain from the north. Cross bush villages, come across zebu carts, basalt organs, kapok trees and baobabs. Plain, forest and savannah atmospheres on the ridges that lead to Joffreville.

Tsing'obab, in the footsteps of Indiana

Cross the French Mountain from West to East and then dive into the parrot valley. An incredible course on and under the tsingys awaits you as well as a majestic baobab tree with giant roots.